Most our artistic, technical, and practice decisions originate from the solid philosophical believes, which would be important for you to consider to better understand our approach.
Aesthetically, we believe that nose being centrally located should not be a dominant structure on the face. Nasal contours should harmonize with overall proportions of the face and bring attention of the observer to the eyes. The nose should be as natural in the individual elements and as balanced as a whole as possible.

The appealing appearance undividedly correlates with sound structural support and uncompromised function. Detailed analysis and meticulous attention to the aesthetic, structural, and functional features of your nose should be present at all the steps of the process, starting from initial consultation.

The primary goal of the consultation is to determine the sense of personal aesthetics of the patient and correlate it with scientific concepts of the beauty and our believes. We are attentive listeners during this step trying to reflect your slightest inclination and concern.

Rhinoplasty is an extremely complex process and requires a full physical, intellectual and emotional dedication. Although it is a daily activity for us, surgery is an once in the life event of the extreme importance for you. We are putting all our concentration, and undivided attention into this process and trying to address as many details in the operating room as we see.
Out of majority of the surgical interventions rhinoplasty is probably one of the better tolerable procedures in recovery. Post-operative recovery is still a very demanding process. We believe that being with you during this period seeing you in the office frequently, providing guidance and predicting the upcoming changes, makes your post procedure experience less stressful and even pleasant.

We convinced that final outcome of the rhinoplasty depends not only on the work done during the surgery, but also on the guided maintenance steps after the procedure. It takes time for the nose to attain a final appearance tailoring the postoperative process is a guarantee of a good result.

Finally, for us rhinoplasty is not just a procedure, it is a way of live, a way to express ourselves. Your success brings us an immense pride and joy. It is an incredible feeling to see you happy and proud of your new nose.