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Welcome To New York Rhinoplasty

We are a medical institution bringing years of the collective expertise in comprehensive care of the aesthetic and functional problems of the nose to your service. Collaborative effort of the board certified cosmetic facial plastic surgeon specializing solely in rhinoplasty, nationally and internationally acclaimed rhinologist and sinus specialist, as well as facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon emphasizing individualized balance of the face allows us to provide a comprehensive approach to your nose and achieve a more complete final result.

We all share a firm belief that the nose is an unique facial structure caring an immense cosmetic significance, often defining one’s social identity and public acceptance, which is constantly challenged with the complex functional demand. Only diligent, meticulous respect to the intricate architectural composition of the nose with deep understanding of its physiologic responsibilities and ability to predict inevitable interval changes over time can warrant a visually appealing, reliably working, sustainable nose.

We believe that your dream is to obtain a soft, harmonious to your face, individually tailored nose, opening the beauty of your eyes without destructing attention. The nose, which would give you a liberty of the unobstructed breathing without fear of seasonal congestions and sinus pains. The nose, which would preserve its stability and defined shape in one year, five, ten years and for the rest of the live. We devote all our physical and intellectual potential to make your dream a reality.

Complexity of the nasal composition, variability of the anatomy, and a high unpredictability of structural changes render rhinoplasty an extremely challenging procedure, especially for the occasional nose surgeon. Dedicating our professional and personal lives to the study and performance of the single procedure enriches us with deeper understanding of all nuances of rhinoplasty and allows you to benefit from the more predictable and long lasting outcomes.

Located in the “business heart of the world”, we embrace regional, national, and international clients, but daily we operate on our colleagues, friends, and family. We strongly believe, that it is imperative not only perform a high standard surgery, strive for outstanding result but also treat you as a family member and obtain not just a new client but a dear friend.


Konstantin Tarashansky, M.D., F.A.C.S.

A board certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in the aesthetic and functional nasal surgery. Dr. Tarashansky is a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery- an elite group of the plastic surgeons focusing on the facial procedures. After extensive training as a facial surgeon, he decided to enhance the level of his expertise even further by sub-specializing predominantly on the rhinoplasty. His educational background as an otolaryngologist, head and neck surgeon as well as an advanced fellowship training as an aesthetic face specialist allow combining of deep understanding of the functional and aesthetic aspects of nasal surgery.